Call for entries

Der Greif #9

Submission-Deadline: March 28

Submissions closed! Issue 9 will be published in July 2016. We keep you updated, thank you very much for your trust and for taking part!

Ann-Christin Bertrand

DER GREIF (rhymes with »Life«) is an award-winning project for contemporary photography and literature with focus on photography.

Awarded »Photography Magazine of the Year 2014«, DER GREIF is print magazine, online magazine, and curation team all at once. But what’s more, it’s a collaborative project for and with photographers, writers, and curators from all over the world.

To get an idea just take a look at the latest issue.

The artistic centerpiece and fountainhead of the project is the ad-free print magazine. It combines and presents the works of photographers and writers of different origins and diverse backgrounds in one holistic art piece. Der Greif connects the digital and the analogue, exploring and expanding the borders and limits of publishing in the digital era. Since its inception in 2008, the project is involved with contemporary issues like the changing perception of authorship, the rise of the remix culture, de- and recontextualization of single photographic images as well as artistic approaches to photographic archives.

Submission closed.