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The core and root of Der Greif is a print-magazine. We produce high-quality printed matter in limited editions that you can purchase in our shop.

Package: Der Greif 8 + Der Greif 9

Buy the latest two issues for a reduced price!

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Der Greif 9 - Cover Image by Monika Krzynówek

Der Greif 9

The new Issue is out now!

16.50 EURO incl. VAT
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Der Greif 8

100 sensitively layouted pages of image and text combinations with a slightly extraterrestrial touch. Order now!

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Guest-Room: Katrin Weber – folder

»Guest-Room: Katrin Weber«

Selection of photographs by Guest-Room curator Katrin Weber – printed on 37 individual sheets.

16.50 EURO incl. VAT
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Der Greif - »Ein Prozess«: Vorschau Cover

Der Greif – A Process

This book is an extension of the work performed during a 7 week exhibition, containing photography, poetry and essays.

28 EURO incl. VAT
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IMG_7482 as Smart Object-1

Leon Kirchlechner »Nowhere«

Winner of the German Photobook Award 2014!

29.80 EURO incl. VAT
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Der Greif 7

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Der Greif 6

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Der Greif 5


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Der Greif Schmiede Spezial 2


Der Greif 3


Der Greif Schmiede Spezial


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