Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner, Matthias Lohscheidt, Claudio Ricci

Der Greif was founded by Felix von Scheffer and Simon Karlstetter in 2008.

The current editorial team consists of Simon KarlstetterLeon Kirchlechner,  Matthias Lohscheidt and Claudio Ricci. Together they form the core-team which works on the project on a daily basis.
The team is also giving workshops and lectures about their way of curating, editing and working between digital and analog worlds. For inquiries concerning workshops and lectures, please use the CONTACT FORM.

Since edition #7 Andreas Bülhoff is dealing with the literature-part and curating text-submissions.

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Simon Karlstetter

Simon mainly deals with communication and acquisition, and, together with Leon, is also responsible for the curation and layout of the magazine. He maintains an overview of the magazine, knows about necessary developments and keeps the team together.

Leon Kirchlechner

Leon, together with Simon, is curator and editor of the magazine. Besides that he cares about distribution, finances and legal matters. He brings in his experience from his own work as photographer and continually engages with different modes of curation and editing. With patience and attention to detail he’s always keeping an eye on upholding constant quality.

Matthias Lohscheidt

Matthias is concerned with all technical issues regarding the website and the upload-area. His programming-skills finally enabled us to administrate and handle the big number of submissions we receive, and establish the basis for a smooth online-appearance. Besides that, he keeps an eye on technical developments in the web in order to adapt them for new concepts of the magazine where required.

Claudio Ricci

Claudio deals with the economic part of Der Greif. He aims to execute all organisational and administrative tasks in order to cover his partners so they can concentrate exclusively on their artistic work. Besides, he collectively develops ideas and concepts for a future development of the project.


Florian Kreier was consulting the team until issue 6, and fully joined in when working on new issues. Since issue 2, he was mainly dealing with the literature-part of the magazine. The poet LYDIA DAHER expanded the literature-team for issue 4 and 5, curated text-submissions for both issues and gave important impulses, ELENA KOKTANEK helped curating the photography submissions for issue 2 and 3, and Felix von Scheffer was working until issue 3 on certain design- and curatorial parts.