Issue 6: Published!

November 19th, 2012Author: Redaktion

Dear all,

it’s done! Finally, issue 6 is published! 100 pages, 133 photos, 17 texts from 130 artists coming from 27 countries. Some words from the editors:

»Emptiness, decay, fear, destruction and desperation twinkle at you, hidden under a glossy cover. And all of a sudden you spot desperate high rises and bleeding electricity pylons, tidy faces and decayed bodies, blooming meadows with land mines between flowers and vulnerable warriors paralysed by their own force. You discover the one thing in the other, swing between chaos and clarity, between sorrow and euphoria, between courage and desperation.
Does the absurd glamour of our perfectly-polished environment only appear through the unconditional focus on its tragic underbelly? Do we only know after the next crisis how well we were doing? Is doing nothing the supreme art-form of our restless society?«

You can order it here!

November 10th, it was released in Berlin at pavlov’s dog, next week, November 16th in Augsburg and November 17th in Munich. We had a really great time with you all, hope to see you soon! And thank you for your support! Thanks to the nice guys at  PAVLOV’S DOG in Berlin, at ORANGERIE in Augsburg, as well as at WUPWUP / TANZEN IST AUCH SPORT in Munich. We had a great time with you!