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Every week we feature a series of one selected artist who was published in our printed magazine. This person is blogging during that time.


Putput – Inflorescence 2012

Photographic series of plants in a constructed and artificial state of bloom, documenting a meeting between the fictional and the real. A new species or hybrid emerges which attempts to create a visual diversion and investigates the recognizability of common objects in a new and unexpected context. The ‘Inflorescence’ series represents a contemporary take on still life both in terms of subject matter and composition.

Putput – Profile


PUTPUT is a Swiss/Danish artist group established in 2011 and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Seeking to occupy the space between input and output PUTPUT work’s in the field of contemporary art photography, sculpture, installation and publishing.

PUTPUT explores the duality of objects and situations associated with everyday life, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and capturing the previously unseen. Perception and recognizability are challenged through distinctly staged scenarios and tableaus that underline a metaphysical relationship to the material world. The highly stylized visual universe has clear references to Pop Art, surrealism and reinterprets classical genres such as still life through a contemporary lens. With a focus on causing a visual double take, subtle connections are build between idea, meaning, expression and artifact. PUTPUT reconfigures, re-invents and questions the purpose, context and expression of objects and situations by engaging in a visual dialogue and interrogation with the subject.

Putput – Guest-Posts



Published in issue 6

There will be light

November 27th, 2012Author: PutPut

In our work we are interested in series, repetition, mass, variation and difference. The amount and the deviations in that entity affirms the concept and message contained within each photographic series. We are also compelled to stretch the limits of interpretation and we pay a lot of attention to exhausting all feasible possibilities held within the set concept framework.
As our collaboration progresses we find that determination, resilience and patience are keywords both in sustaining our practice and in communicating, bearing that in mind we believe the key to progress and artistic development lies in a continuous dialogue and flow of work in other words – Just do it!

This is our last guest post, it has been our great pleasure to share a few thoughts and images with you. A huge thank you to Der Greif for inviting us to show our work and of course for choosing to publish one of our images in issue #6. Lastly we sign out with one of our favorite quotes by André Breton;

“The imaginary is what tends to become real.”


November 26th, 2012Author: PutPut

Most of the projects we carry out are based on collecting, grueling exercises in finding the right objects that contain the aesthetic qualities needed to visualize our concepts and ideas. The artifacts we end up choosing are manipulated and combined to create hybrids that allude to meetings between the fictional and the real creating a morphed sense of concrete abstraction, a collision of design and art, styling and craft, commercialism and concept. We find great potential in the unnoticed and try to bring forward unseen aspects of objects or situations, we do not favor a set narrative but hope to produce scenarios upon which individual memories, emotions or prejudices can be projected.

Hierarchy of ideas

November 24th, 2012Author: PutPut

Lately we have been having lengthy conversations about the emergence and development of ideas and concepts, when is an idea interesting enough to pursue and realize. There are of course several deliberations while considering the “value” of an idea or concept but we genuinely believe that every idea be it big or small, silly or serious, profound or shallow will hold the potential to in some way move our work forward. Therefore one of the most important ingredients in our collaboration is a complete lack of hierarchy or preference in the ideas we realize, our main objective is to simply produce as many concepts as possible while still being very much aware and in charge of the visual quality and expression of the work.


November 23rd, 2012Author: PutPut

Never judge a book by its cover or what you see is what you get?

Theories and phenomenon on how we perceive our surroundings and our relationship with objects and the material world are extremely important in our work. We try to enter into a conversation with the things we surround ourselves with, prompting a dialogue that questions and challenges the metaphysical relationship we have with things. We are intrigued by how we see, how we recognize stuff and where the limits of discernability are. One of our main goals or criteria we hope to fulfill in our work is to get a double take from the viewers, to simply make you look twice and to maybe upon that second glance discover something unexpected.


November 22nd, 2012Author: PutPut

PUTPUT – Carrot

When we were first invited to do a week of guest blogging by Der Greif we discussed for hours what to post, should we bring forward photographers and artist that we simply like or that in one way or another influence our work… As the list of potential subjects and people grew so did our frustrations. Not being able to properly exemplify why we had chosen this or that artist, which picture from their oeuvre to show and what to write about them, we decided to discard the idea of posting about other people all together. In the name of shameless self promotion we agreed to view this week as an opportunity to show, through our own work, what we are concerned with and working on at the moment. In the coming days we will showcase sketch images from a new photographic series that we are currently developing, as the week commences we will dive deeper into our deliberations, thought patterns, method and concepts behind our work.