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Marjolaine Gallet

Marjolaine Gallet – Archival Studies

Archival Studies is a project investigating family photographic material using photographs taken by my father, from his earliest work as a teenager in the early 70s until he gradually stopped taking pictures in the late 90s.

This project started as my father was diagnosed at an early age with Alzheimer’s disease. Considering this set of photographic material as part of the depository of his memory, I am attempting to generate a dialogue with him – now made impossible in person by his condition – through the alteration of these existing images.

The photographs are being physically manipulated and recontextualised, looking at the actual photographic content as well as the archive as a sculptural object. These visual relations to antecedent realities echo to the illusion of permanence and intend to offer an alternative space for fictional memories or sometimes honor the absence of memories. Becoming a hide and seek game of the moment in space and time my father once fixed, the work tries to play with tensions within the photographic landscape such as analog and digital, stagged and unstagged, image and photograph.

Marjolaine Gallet – Profile

Marjolaine Gallet

Marjolaine Gallet is a French visual artist and photographer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Graduated from the International Center of Photography in 2013, she also holds a Master in Political Science from ENS/Sciences Po Lyon. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally. Marjolaine is a founding member of 643 Collective. She divides her time between commissioned work and her personal practice.

Marjolaine Gallet – Guest-Posts

Marco Scozzaro – Digital Deli

October 22nd, 2016Author: Marjolaine Gallet

I’m happy to share today the work of Marco Scorazzo whom I met a few months ago at the 2016 New York for the Arts Immigrant Artist Program (I highly recommend this mentorship program if you are a non US citizen artist based in New York!).

“With Digital Deli, I set out to investigate the visual vernacular and the inevitable image consumption of mass communication culture. I am interested in decoding the universe of signs of the disorienting contemporary landscape – both real and virtual – and how these reflect the way the social superstructure shapes behaviors and identities. I observe the everyday aiming at understanding the uncertain dimension I find myself now and the related feeling of displacement.

I am attracted by the generic and the mundane, and I focus my attention on subtle details that can unveil new worlds. I am intrigued by the possibility of unifying opposites by juxtaposing images that are, on first viewing, different but related on a much broader level. I use cultural artifacts, appropriation, humor and a variety of different photographic approaches to explore the fine line between reality and fiction and how photography and its inherent artifice fit in this gap.”

Marco Scozzaro (1979) is an Italian artist based in New York City. His practice focuses on photography, music, installation, and video. He studied psychology at the University of Parma, Italy and photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His work has been exhibited and published internationally. He is a freelance photographer and teaches photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

643 Collective – The City Project

October 19th, 2016Author: Marjolaine Gallet

Hi! For this first post, I am showing some images from 643 Collective – a group of photographers we founded with fellow International Center of Photography alumni after graduating in 2013. Images presented here are spreads from our City Project zines.

The City Project is an attempt to compose a visual and poetic inventory of the city of the 21st century. It is made of images from New York, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Berlin, Sao Paulo and other Megalopolises. The photographs are presented in an ABC zine collection, exploring 26 themes, in an attempt to apprehend the complexity and the many facets of city life in a playful way. Each topic works as a dialogue between the 643 Collective members, wandering in our respective cities, collecting our urban experiences and then intersecting our perceptions of the world. Our approach is sensorial and experiential based on the collective members’ different feelings, perceptions, cultures and backgrounds. Its ambition, if any, is to portray the big city with curious eyes, sometimes amazed, sometimes worried by what we see.


643 Collective is a group of 6 photographers (Karine Baptiste, Daniel de Carvalho, Marjolaine Gallet, Dasom Im, Alexandre Morvan and Anna White) who released their self published zine collection “The City Project” at the New York Art Book Fair at Moma PS1 in September 2016. The City Project has been exhibited at the School of the International Center of Photography, Photoville Brooklyn and selected in various book and zine festivals around the world including Brooklyn zine Fest, Athens Photo Festival, Annual Zine and Self-Published Photobook Fair at the Camera Club of New York and Feira Plana in São Paulo.