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Every week we feature a series of one selected artist who was published in our printed magazine. This person is blogging during that time.

Jan Hoek

Jan Hoek – New Ways Of Photographing The New Masai

The Masais are always photographed the same: jumping in nature while wearing traditional outfits and jewellery . Almost like it is a group of animals. But more and more Masai start to live in towns and buy their first Nikes and put mobile phones in their stretched ears. Together with seven urban Masai I tried to find a new way to photograph the new Masai.

Jan Hoek – Profile

Jan Hoek - portrait picture

Jan Hoek (1984) is artist and writer.

Jan Hoek has photographed amateur models, mentally ill homeless people in Africa, a girl with no arms and legs, a heroin addict who dreams of being a model, or people he has simply found in advertisements on the internet. The photo shoot is never what he expected, model and photographer always have different expectations. The model actually wants sex while Jan Hoek wants to shoot the dog. The model tries to be as glamorous as possible, while Jan wants to picture the decay. Photographing is not just about the image but also the relationship between the photographer and the model. How far can you go with your models? In the accompanying film, Me & My Models, Jan talks about the nasty, funny, painful or touching things that happen around photographing people.

Jan Hoek will have a big solo exhibition of his work in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam starting at the 4th of June