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Albert Grøndahl

Albert Grøndahl – Simple Secrets

Simple Secrets

Text by Jens Christian Grøndahl

Photography implies confrontation. The image is a meeting place. As the subject matter is exposed on film the photographer, too, is exposed by way of the curiosity and obsessions motivating the gesture of lifting his camera.
He cannot know in advance what will catch his eye but the moment he frames it he also discovers something about himself. That is one simple secret about taking pictures: they are always self-portraits of who the photographer was at a given moment, in a specific place.
These are not images from a journey but rather a journey in images. The pictures were taken in many different places and all they have in common is that the photographer was there. Taken together they form a broken narrative of disconnected moments. Each of them might have become a narrative in itself which is why one could see them as a string of untold stories.
Lifted out of their original context they become visual ciphers pointing to something existential. Something to do with departure, unresolved encounters, perhaps even lost opportunities. A reflection of impermanence itself: of longing, nostalgia and the passage of time and places as Albert Grøndahl move around in the world.
Each of these pictures seems to have been taken with the documentary urge to confront himself with reality in all of its rawness and newness when one leaves behind one’s preconceived notions. However, put together in this sequence they come to look like fictitious fragments of an ongoing emotional investigation.

Albert Grøndahl – Profile


Born, 1985 in Copenhagen

2013- 2014 MFA, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerpen
2011- 2012 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Photografie, Arles
2009 -2012 BA, FAMU Department of Photography, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
2007-2009 Assistant for Tal R

Inspired by the raw aesthetics of classical documentarism and its ethos of personal presence, photography’s narrative potential is an interest in his work, but not in terms of the logics of straightforward storytelling or the effort to illustrate preconceived and abstract notions, but in the sense that the images may point to a person’s inner life and to the hidden secrets of a place, its cultural meaning or private connotations. His work tends to dissolve the distance between the eye engaging in interpretation and the objects of his poetic and obscure investigations of emotional truth and intensified human encounters.

Albert Grøndahl – Guest-Posts

Vincen Beeckman

March 31st, 2015Author: Albert Grøndahl

Here are selected works from the series “Only for my friends” by the Bruxelles based photographer Vincen Beeckman.

Enjoy his work.

Nick Geboers selected works from “Going Nowhere”

March 28th, 2015Author: Albert Grøndahl

Words by Nick Geboers

A sense of entrapment and existential crisis radiates from the photographs in Going Nowhere. This refers to the outsider figure who sees too deep and too much. It’s a way of looking at the world that comes from inner dualities. The title Going Nowhere by itself suggests a duality and offers multiple readings. It should go without saying that this is also the case when reading the images. A mixture of different photographic genres are placed in a dialectic order. For example by placing romanticism not against but in line with a form of realism.
Most of the photographs were made on solitary walks and travels. By doing this, the image making becomes a way to open oneself for deeper, sublime experiences which often clash with a stark realism. Different perceptions and points of view are an important part of the process. Not only for the image maker, but also for the reader. Whose different interpretations and feelings eventually complete this lyrical document.


Tomas Leth, selected works from “Brother”

March 27th, 2015Author: Albert Grøndahl

A little explanation by Tomas Leth himself, he studies painting under Prof. Daniel Richter at the Akademie Der Bildenden Künsten, Wien:

“I’m Danish, but grew up between Denmark and Haiti.

In Denmark, a Scandinavian country in the North of Europe, we prize ourselves on our similarity and cohesiveness. Our society is a society is built on the idea of an objective reality between humans. Of ‘objective’ and shared ideals and views.

In Haiti, a country shaped by the forced union of peoples with differing beliefs and religions from various different nations, there is a strong focus on the individual and the subjective. It’s a place where there can be simultaneous explanations for the same things existing at the same time. The truth of existence is not necessarily viewed as either-or. This is something that I think Western thinking could gain a lot from.

In Brother I am looking for a mythical fraternity or a existential place to call home. It’s a exists somewhere in a place of dream, endless miracles, magic and terror.

I am looking for the underlying connection between this place and reality, but the concreteness of it keeps evading me, fuzzy and murky like a dream long forgotten. My images are my ways of trying to manifest this place into concrete reality.”