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Maya Rochat

Maya Rochat – A Plastic Tool

The work »A plastic tool« intends to create an exciting, demanding, unconventional amalgams of images, subverting photographs in their content as well as in their visual form. The linear narrative breaks under the pressure of spray paint, aggressive gestures and organic patterns (life man!).
I test human perceptions, I overload the images, layer after layer, hiding immediate readings, creating by destruction, trying to offer a space for the unknown. By challenging our cerebral understanding, I create an irritation that opens the possibility for the body to feel and discover something that words can’t tell.

The corpus of images is shown in various forms ; print installation, video projections and a photo book.
The installations, though large prints on plastic banners, photographic prints, wallpaper etc., create an imposing physical experience, where the overlapping of visuals, replay the density of the images. Lily Robert

The video is conceived as a slow projection. It invites the viewer to a poetic and contemplative story. The analog and digital collage of contradictory universes merge, creating a mutant and saturated collage. This visual environment is accompanied by the soft music of french musician Bermudaa (AB records).

The book is printed making use of various print technologies – Offset, silkscreen and handmade spray paint – that overlaps on the page, producing a unique materiality. Conceived in layers, the works evolve in the expanded fields of photography, collage and painting, blurring the borders between anagogic, manual and digital. It invites the spectator into an organic universe, exploring emotional and conceptual readings. META/BOOKS

Maya Rochat – Profile


Maya Rochat is a multidisciplinary artist, who works in the fields of photography, collage, video and installation. Maya’s work forms a vast web of intertwined images whose energy disturbs habitual codes of interpretation and perception.

Maya regularly exhibits in institutions of great significance such as [ 7] P FOTOFESTIVAL, TATE Modern (turbine hall), FOTOMUSEUM Winterthur, Centre de la photographie – Genève, Centre PasquArt (Bienne) and Fotohof (Salzburg).
Appart from artist residencies at Project Space Centre d’art Contemporain Genève and Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, Maya benefited the support of Promotion des livres de photographie (Pro Helvetia) to publish an artist book in 2 volumes : Crystal Clear by Editions Patrick Frey and A Plastic Tool by Meta/Books.
Her images are presented by international revues and magazines such as Aperture, Photography & Culture, British Journal of Photography, Self Publish – Be Happy, Carpark magazine, YET magazine, I-D pure etc.

Maya Rochat, 14.08.1985 in Morges (Switzerland). She currently lives between Lausanne and Berlin.

Maya Rochat – Guest-Posts

Maya Rochat – The image & the book

February 12th, 2016Author: Maya Rochat

Why books?

Maya Rochat


Books travel, are an amazing way to share ideas and stories because of their intimate character. Most books I look at present a unique materiality that the pixel caption can’t reproduce. I like that. I feel It makes sense to do editions that only exist in the « real » life.
The reflection of “why make book” was developped over a 3 year collaboration with editor Delphine Bedel, with whom we discussed and experimented with the idea of the book form.
Our first common work called « Ma tête à couper » (with graphic designer Jeremy Schorderet) was published by hardcopy in 2011. We tasted blood.
2012, we brought out « Vote for me! » (with graphic designer Nicolas Leuba). A black and white rather punk edition, with additional orange fluo riso print and handmade spray paint. Idea was to blur the perception between what’s printed and what’s painted. I wanted a book that stinks, that gets old, that lives.
Last year, we publish a third book « A Plastic Tool » (with graphic designer Niels Wehrspann, printed by Ditto Press). Visually quite violent, complicated, messed up. For sure, It’s not telling any fair tale. It is telling about life nowadays (at least It tries in an indirect way), it tells about a saturated world, a suffering and yet fighting world. Beauty hides on ever page. The organic pattern (that contains the idea of time passing, of what rots), covers the photographic material in a poetic manner. Again, the risographs overlapping on the digital offsetprint as well as the manual spray paint, create a subtile pictorial experience that only the physical reading can transmit.

The book making became over time, a hybridization between editorial and artistic practice, a great learning process between editors, graphic designers as well as with the printers.

Maya Rochat Vote for me (book vue) Hard copy

Do crazy books, love them hard!

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Maya Rochat – The image & the room

February 11th, 2016Author: Maya Rochat

My images only have contexts (shows, books, web etc.) ; I see them as a moving corpus, where motives evolve and change form, depending their relevance towards their exhibition context.
What I find interesting, is that images tell a different story each time they are presented, depending of the print technique, the format, the hanging and the assemblage with other images. Overload with materiality (film, paint, chemicals, volume), layer after layer, hiding immediate readings, I create room for lies & tricks but also dreams & imagination, I try to offer a space for the unknown.

I am interested in breaking the rules of what is the « photographic image » ; strict format, strict serie, strict visual finality, evolving in the expanded fields of photography, collage, video, painting and sculpture.

In shows, I challenge our cerebral understanding by creating physical irritations that open the possibility for the body (not only the mind) to feel and discover something that words can’t tell.

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