1. How does Der Greif work?

Der Greif is not a portfolio-magazine.
It rather brings together the works of different photographers and authors. The editors combine the selected works to create new photographic and textual compositions. The interplay of the works is the main focus.
The trust of the artists in the sensitivity of the editors makes Der Greif an exceptional wholistic art work.

2. Who can submit to Der Greif?

Everyone can takepart and submit his/her works. After a short registration you can login and start submitting.

3. What can I submit to Der Greif?

Every artist can submit up to 5 photos and/or 2 texts for the upcoming issue.

4. Can I submit works that have previously been published?

Yes, but it’s up to you to check if it’s in conflict with the other publications.

5. Is there a specific theme?

Not at the moment. The themes of Der Greif result from the submitted works.

6. What’s the submission deadline for the upcoming issue?

The deadline for the upcoming issue will be announced soon.

7. Can I also submit to Der Greif after the deadline?

No. The submission deadline will be broadly communicated on Der Greif website, on its partners’ websites and in newsletters. Works that are submitted via e-mail after the deadline will not be considered.

8. Can I send you invitations to view my works and/or portfolios?

The editors are always keen about discovering something new. So yes, just send it over. But please remember that viewing your portfolio is just in your personal interest and will not have any influence on the selection process and work on the magazine.

9. Technical questions

Your submitted photos have to fulfill the following technical specifications:
JPEG Format, RGB color space
minimum size: 2500 px on the long side
maximum size: not more than 22 megapixel (equates e.g. 5600 * 4048 px)

Just one photo per file/upload! No combinations of several photos in one file!
No digitally added white margins/frames.
No watermarks.

Photos that don’t match the above named specifications will not be considered for the selection.


10. What’s Der Greif’s print run?

Issues 1-3: 1.000
Issue 4: 1.500
Issues 5-6: 2.000
Issue 7 on: 2.500
Every single magazine is manually numbered by the editors. If an issue is sold out there won’t be any further production.

11. What happens if my work gets published?

After you have been notified about your publication, you will be sent a free copy of Der Greif as soon as the magazine is printed. Until the publication of the next issue, the editors present a weekly (photographer’s) portrait on Der Greif highly frequented website. For that purpose, the editors ask chosen photographers to hand in a photo series and accompanying text. Besides that, the magazine is curated for various exhibitions all around the world. Der Greif receives attention of print, broadcasted, televised and online press and is in close contact with museums and galleries. To sum things up your work gets decent attention due to a possible publication in Der Greif.

12. What happens to the copyright of my submitted works?

Please read the Conditions of Participation. It can be clearly stated that you will ALWAYS remain copyright owner of your submitted works. Accepting these conditions you will only give the editors the permission to publish your work(s) in the magazine within a new context.
If there are any requests from third parties for further publications the editors will never decide without your consent. In case of a request the editors will contact you directly and discuss everything with you individually. A publication from third parties will always require your permission.

13. Do you modify my works?


14. What happens to my personal data?

All submitted personal data will be stored for the purpose of administration, curation and organization. Personal data will NOT be forwarded to third party.
In case of a publication of at least one of your works, your full name and URL of your website will be published in the photo-magazine Der Greif and on the website »www.dergreif-online.de«. The reason is to mention the author and to ease finding your portfolio. All of the other contact information will NOT be published.

15. How can I delete my personal data?

You can delete my account on the website takepart.dergreif-online.de. With the deletion of your account all of your personal data will be deleted.
IMPORTANT: If you delete your account after the submission deadline, i.e. during the ongoing selection and creation process of an issue of Der Greif - for which you have submitted work – your account will be deleted after the completion of that issue.
 In case of a publication of some of your submitted work in a magazine of Der Greif, you agree that the editors of Der Greif are allowed to keep your name and your contact saved. This is necessary, because you remain responsible for your submitted work even after the deletion of your account. The staff of Der Greif will need the ability to contact you.

16. How is Der Greif financed?

Cultural funding, private companies and sponsors cover a major part of Der Greif’s fixed costs. Talks and workshops offered and held by the editors as well as the magazine and book sales do the rest.

17. Do you offer jobs and/or internships?

At the moment there are no vacancies for jobs, but the editors are planning to offer internships. In the near future they will definitely need some help, but not for brewing coffee or photocopying  – they’re able to do that on their own. For more information just wait a bit, in case of vacancies the editors will post them on our website. Of course you can send  your spontaneous application and CV via e-mail, but if there are no posts on our website there are no jobs. Your application and CV will then be reconsidered in case of need.

18. How can I become a sponsor/partner?

Just send an email to the editors and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Any further questions? Just send an email.
Submit your work here.