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Karen Irmer

Karen Irmer – Untitled

Karen Irmers work is conveying existence as a state of permanent transition. Although the pictures were taken in very diverse landscapes, they can never be definitely located. […] Atmospheres of changing light, hardly noticeable transformations, which move from bright to dusky and back again, marking landscapes as atmospheric images of inside worlds, that oppose every applied theoretical reading, of how one ought to look at them, with aesthetic sovereignty and intuitive lightness. In fact, her photographs with all their miraculous imaginative charisma don’t exude any pretence. The artist has in the past years developed a very sensible figurative language in the photographed landscapes wherein a characteristic conundrum is mixed with acknowledgment, readability and perception. You see what you see and at the same time you ask yourself if the viewed has something to do with reality. Or it seems that the eye hasn’t seen the particular thematic subject, but merely the atmosphere that encapsulates this. It is a question whether the seeing in this situation doesn’t uncover actually something self-contradictory, for which one doesn’t have an explanation yet. […]

Thomas Elsen, H2 – Center for Contemporary Art, Augsburg

Karen Irmer – Profile


Karen Irmer (*1974) studied at the Akademy of Fine Arts in Munich in the class of Sean Scully and Gerd Winner. 2005 she was granted with the renowned stipend of the Else-Heiliger-Fonds of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Berlin. Further grants led her to France, Ireland, Japan, U.S.A and South-Korea.

Her photographic and video works are shown on international exhibitions and art fairs.

Karen Irmer – Guest-Posts

Karen Irmer – Dialog mit Lütfiye Güzel

April 16th, 2014Author: Karen Irmer

Ich werde in dieser Woche selbst nicht viele Worte verlieren sondern zunächst nur eine meiner fotografischen Arbeiten zeigen. Ich habe die Poetin Lütfiye Güzel (*1972) aus Duisburg eingeladen, textlich darauf zu reagieren und mit mir so in eine besondere Art von Dialog zu treten.

Es wird also ein Zwiegespräch zwischen ihrem Text und meinem Bild entstehen, dessen Verlauf ihr mitverfolgen könnt. Von Lütfiyes Zeilen lasse ich mich dann wiederum für das nächste Bild  inspirieren und so weiter…

Viel Freude beim “lesen”!
Herzlichen Dank Leon, Simon, Matti und Claudio für eure Einladung!

Sich folgen

April 16th, 2014Author: Karen Irmer

& genau das ist der grund
für meinen lässigen nervenzusammenbruch



was du verschweigst
behalte ich für mich




aber nicht lange
& mich wird auch dieses aufwachen