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Anna Meschiari

Anna Meschiari

At Once is an artist book in which I am primarily concerned with changes in the state of the human body. It is a questioning of the spasms that are related to the duality of being, which I accept and then try to exploit in the photograph. This work touches on several aspects of being a woman, pain, abandonment, emotions that usually remain hidden, especially in the
presence of several «me». The self-portraits taken with a character-crazy laugh, create a line at a time uninterrupted interspersed with pictures coexisting in the same spirit of storytelling. It is with a veil of irony and melancholy that I throw myself into this process of dialogue between the images. To turn a page or the page is for me a drastic choice, and a new symbol vision, a reflection of my life experience.

Anna Meschiari – Profile


Anna Meschiari (1987) is a swiss italian artist now living between France, Switzerland and Berlin.
She recently got graduated at the School of Photography in Vevey (Switzerland), where during two years she could get some classes with Yto Barrada, Adam Broomberg, André Cepeda, Eva Leitolf, Christian Patterson, and many more. In Berlin she’s member of exp12 / exposure twelve, a space dedicated to photography exhibition that she shares with other 10 members. They organize exhibitions, books launch, artist’s talk, slideshows, since 2010.
Since 2011 she has shown her work internationally.

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Je l’aime en Pièces, Diploma Exhibition, Espace Doret, Vevey, Switzerland
  • exp12 & guest, slide show, exp12, Berlin
  • The smell of Dust, audiovisual performance curated by Sue-Elie Andrade-Dé, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Faceless curated by Bogomir Doringer at Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Nederlands


  • Near by night 7, slideshow, art director Noémie Richard, music Pascal Lopinat, Zinéma, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Rock your Dummy Price, Le PhotoBookFest, Paris
  • Bergen Art Book Fair 2013, Bergen, Norway
At Once, curator Dawid Misiorny, within the Open Programme of Warsaw Photo Day 2013, Galeria 27, Warsaw, Poland
  • Faceless part II, curated by Bogomir Doringer at freiraum quartier21 International, Vienna, Austria
The Flood Wall I & II, slide show at ManifestO Festival, Toulouse, France
Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013, Zine’s Mate Shop, September 21-23, 2013, Tokyo, Japan
The Flood Wall II, slideshow & exhibition on books, exp12, Berlin, Germany
La nuit des images, slideshow, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland
The Flood Wall I, slideshow at Biennale de la photographie, Mulhouse, France
Near by Night 6, NEAR guest at exp12, Berlin, Germany
  • Der Raum dazwischen, group show curated by Hannah Goldstein and Katja Klemm, Kugelbahn, Berlin, Germany
  • Her, Rolla Foundation, Bruzella, Switzerland / within Bi8 »Ogni sguardo un passo«


  • The Flood Wall, slideshow & books, Cons Arc, Chiasso, Switzerland
  • Near by Night 5, slide show, Zinéma, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Skinning, group exhibition curated by Nadine Koch, Galerie exp12, Berlin, Germany
  • The Flood Wall, slideshow, Galerie exp12, Berlin & Amsterdam
  • Near by Night 4, slideshow, Zinéma, Lausanne, Switzerland


  • Fotoleggendo, Rome, Dummy exhibition, group exhibition
  • Photo+Art Book Hamburg, getPublished Award exhibition, group exhibition


  • Atlas, Artist’s Book, Edition of 10, Vevey, 2014
  • Collarbones Magazine, Issue II
  • Tonelit Magazine, Issue V
Der Greif #7, five-years-anniversary-issue, Germany, 2013
  • Lbeen, Fanzine, Edition Galerie La Vitrine, Arles, 2013
  • at once, Artist’s Book, Edition of 50, Vevey, 2013
  • Her, Exhibition catalogue, Edition Rolla Foundation, Bruzella, 2012


  • Artphilein Foundation

  • Rolla Collection, Bruzella, Switzerland
  • EQ2, Valais, Switzerland
  • Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

Anna Meschiari – Guest-Posts

Camille Henrot – Grosse Fatigue, 2013

July 29th, 2014Author: Anna Meschiari

Last October I went to the Biennale in Venice, where I could see “Grosse Fatigue”, a work by the young french artist Camille Henrot. I really appreciate her way of thinking and working, and this video focuses on her work shown at the Biennal. When I am doing some researches, I am used to look at interviews, it helps me to have a better idea of the person, who is behind the work.

here the website of Camille Henrot

Tacita Dean – Floh, 2001

July 27th, 2014Author: Anna Meschiari

A homage to Tacita Dean and to Berlin.

»The charm of these images is unmistakable, and their drama must have been heightened as they appeared to
Dean in the flea market in the hot Berlin summer.«

Photography Found and Lost: On Tacita’s Dean Floh, Mark Godfrey
October 114, Fall 2005, pp. 112–113

Hanne Darboven (1941 -2009)

July 25th, 2014Author: Anna Meschiari

Hanne Darboven at Hamburger Bahnhof until August 31, 2014
“Fin de siècle – Buch der Bilder, 1988-1989, 1992″
Collage, photographs, postcards,  pens and felt-tip pen on paper, files.

This post is a homage to the work of german artist Hanne Darboven, one of the leading representatives of Concept Art.


July 23rd, 2014Author: Anna Meschiari

Atlas is my graduation’s project of the Advanced Studies in Photography at the School of Photography of Vevey.
It has been shown for the first time at the beginning of July, as a display of 280 pictures and a vitrine presenting the artist’s book. The work will be part of a group show called “ARCHIVE. The photographic body” opening next September, 13, 2014 at exp12 in Berlin, presenting the work of Anna Meschiari next to Yann Haeberlin and Simon Rimaz, three swiss artist who studied at the School of Photography of Vevey.

»Atlas is the name of the well known Titan that carried the heaven on his shoulders.

It is also the name of the vertebra that supports the skull, one of the craters of the Moon, a satellite of Saturn, the largest butterfly of the world, a bodybuilder, a pizza, a condom, a car radio, a chain of mountains, of the well known work of Gerhard Richter,… Things and beings, places and works of art, by the name of Atlas through the world are countless – and more the images representing it circulation on the Internet. Some have retain me. A collection took shape. But what to a such a profusion? Titanic task… as infinite.
My approach is that of an iconographer, archivist and collector, looking for a possible reading of the world through the multitude of images today to our scope. The realization, by printing, of the images known until that point as virtual one, changed their status. The materialized images reappropriated, acquires a new life. The reappropriation of the images (their processing, their arrangement) allows to resemble the one to the other and gives them lines, a common form, an air of family.

An ephemeral display, as grid, reflects the creative process. It represents how the image collection was made and witnessed. It evokes the navigation on the ocean of web. The time dimension gives here the temporal extent of this undertaking.
Appalling to the proportions of the Internet, at its disproportionate memory, an answer emerges, that of access to human scale, the story of an individual.

The exposed images interact with each other, in a narrative that is reminiscent, in a wink, to the Mnemosyne Atlas of Aby Warburg. If the display suggests the collection, a set of books, as extension, allows a neat picked, personal and singular. Atlas gives its name to many things through the World that the latter, in its broad widths, appears everywhere affected by this appellation. Therefore, the impression of universality closes this project to a imaginary mapping, or an atlas (or parody?) and raises the question of global sharing images.

Atlas can contemplate the vault that he carries – a possible constellation, subjective, among many others.«

At Once – Artist’s Book

July 23rd, 2014Author: Anna Meschiari

The series “At Once” has been conceived as an artist’s book in a edition of 50. The book is presented unbounded and the cover, when opened, creates a poster of the double dimension of the publication. The picture on the inside of the cover reveals a character you cannot really classify: maybe a teenager, a girl, a boy. Conceiving the book during about six months could give me some distance to the images that I’ve made during one year. The result is a collage of pictures that are part of my archive.
The way the photographs have a place in the book, reveals the necessity to narrate within the structure of it. The book is to me a way of thinking, a medium that helps me to cope the reality and give a response to it.

The book allows the work to be seen from many people around the world. “At Once” had the chance to be presented at the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013, Bergen Art Book Fair 2013, Vienna Photobook Festival 2014, Zines of the Zone mobile library, is part of a few collections and is making a big trip around the world in the Box of Dummies.