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Every week we feature a series of one selected artist who was published in our printed magazine. This person is blogging during that time.

Daniel Stubenvoll

Daniel Stubenvoll – Neat Work (Part 1 and Part 2)

Myth (Vidal), 2013
18,5 x 27 inch, wooden frame
Two layers of material on black background: Foundation block (pigment print and laser print), Myth (Vidal) (pigment print and laser print)

Doubt (von Bothmer), 2013
25 x 28 inch, wooden frame
Three layers of material on black background: Foundation block (pigment print and laser print), Myth (Vidal) (pigment print and laser print), Doubt (von Bothmer) (pigment print)

Production (Liu), 2013
26 x 29 inch, wooden frame
Four layers of material on black background: Foundation block (pigment print and laser print), Myth (Vidal) (pigment print and laser print), Doubt (von Bothmer) (pigment print), Production (Liu) (unprocessed analog photographic paper)

Exposure (Jenssen), 2013
25 x 37 inch, wooden frame
Five layers of material on black background: Exposure (Jenssen) (pigment print), Foundation block (pigment print and laser print), Myth (Vidal) (pigment print and laser print), Doubt (von Bothmer) (pigment print), Production (Liu) (unprocessed analog photographic paper)

Realignment (Gerber), 2013
23,5 x 27,5 inch, wooden object frame
Fragments on black background

Grid (Rogge), 2013
16,5 x 19 inch, wooden object frame
collage behind black background

Projection surface (Pries), 2013
20,5 x 24,5 inch, wooden object frame
black background

Sheikh (Vogel) 2013
27,5 x 40 inch, Pigment print
Mounted on top of Projection surface (Pries)

Neat Work (part 1), Catalogue with 42 pages
With works from Daniel Stubenvoll, René Rogge, Jens Ertelt, Kristin Meyer, Frederick Vidal, Thilo Jenssen, Eric Pries, Jens Gerber, Ana Esteve Reig, Daniel von Bothmer, Melanie Vogel, Jie Liu

Daniel Stubenvoll – Profile


Daniel Stubenvoll lives and works in Kassel, Darmstadt and on Sylt

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  • Meisterschüler with Johanna Schaffer
  • Studied with Bernhard Prinz, Bjørn Melhus and Florian Slotawa
  • Kunsthochschule Kassel 2007 – 2014
  • Exchange studies at Sint-Lucas Hoogeschool for Weetenschaap en Kunst Gent 2011


  • 2014 Gute Aussichten – Junge Deutsche Fotografie 2013/ 14, Revolver Publishing
  • 2014 Der Greif #7 – Magazin für Fotografie und Literatur
  • 2014 Saubere Arbeit (Teil 2), (Teil 1), oneofone-verlag
  • 2013 Kleber, Edition for the exhibition Fünfuhrtee in Kiribati
  • 2012 this is not the end, self published
  • 2012 Interview mit Ralf Rößler, self published
  • 2011 Hehlerware, oneofone-verlag
  • 2010 Quasi (Archiv), self published



  • Arial – Kunstpunkt Darmstadt
  • Gute Aussichten – Junge Deutsche Fotografie 2013/ 14
  • Deichtorhallen, Hamburg and Villa Stuck, Munich; Goethe Institute in Washington DC, Mexiko City, Nicosia; Institute Francais in Mailand


  • Gute Aussichten – Junge Deutsche Fotografie 2013/ 14; Goethe Institut Los Angeles
  • Fünfuhrtee in Kiribati – Interim Kassel
  • Special exhibition for the 30. Kasseler Dokfest
  • Jubiläum, KFAK,K
  • EXAMEN – Graduation show Kunsthochschule Kassel
  • Nach all dem Erfolg – Warte für Kunst, Kassel
  • Nightshift – Interim, Kassel
  • Von Wolkenkratzern, Flugzeugen und Vögeln – Galerie Genscher, Hamburg
  • Saubere Arbeit (Teil 1 und Teil 2) – Kohlenstraße 20, Kassel


  • this is not the end – Loyal Arts, Kassel
  • BEAST – former AEG Gelände, Nuremberg
  • Retrospektive Ralf Rößler – Säulengang der Kunsthochschule Kassel
  • 24×36 – PickPocket Gallery, Lisboa
  • Spargel Spitzen – Bühlers, Fürth
  • dreamteam (Performance) – Kippenberger Suite, Hotel Chelsea, Cologne


  • Parallele Wirklichkeiten – Kasseler Kunstverein
  • pip pap – Warte für Kunst, Kassel
  • MAUT – Zentrum Elias Canetti, Rousse
  • Non-Permanent – Holden Gallery, Manchester

Prizes, Grants, Scholarships

  • Charlotte-Prinz-Scholarship, Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt 2014 – 2016
  • Grant from Kasseler Publikationen e.V.
  • Prize Winner Gute Aussichten – Junge Deutsche Fotografie 2013/ 14
  • Robert-Völker-Prize 2013

Workshops and Lectures

    • 2013 Lecture/Screening, Super Tokonoma Kassel; About propaganda im chinese Cinema
    • 2012 Nightshift – Workshop at HGB Leipzig; With Bjørn Melhus, Max Schneider, Alexandra Gerbaulet
    • 2012 Kritische Szenografie; Summer school for curatorial practice, with Irit Rogoff
    • 2011 Workshop at China Academy of Arts, Hangzhou; With Bjørn Melhus and Ursula Panhans-Bühler

Daniel Stubenvoll – Guest-Posts


September 29th, 2014Author: Daniel Stubenvoll

KFAK,K – Kunstfenster für aktuelle Kunst, Kassel

is a micro-outdoors-exhibition gallery with an international program run by four people who came to Kassel to study at Kunsthochschule Kassel or to work for documenta 13. Since 2013 we are showing site-specific works. The size of the Gallery room is 30x40x8cm but we also like to use the space surrounding the window for more performative ideas. The Fenster is located at Track 1 of an old train station and open 24 hours a day. We don’t have a power source except for batteries.

For every exhibition, we are trying to come up with a special piece of advertising (eg.: screenprinted pieces of wood, stitched fabric, etc). It serves as an edition and can be collected at local bars and institutions.

Of course, we are open to ideas for exhibitions or collaborations with other off-locations.

Illness as metaphor

September 26th, 2014Author: Daniel Stubenvoll

Today, I would like to make you aware about a project that is going on in Hamburg at the moment.

“The international project ILLNESS AS METAPHOR. MADNESS IN THE GARDEN OF THE SPECIES is devoted to questions of normativity and deviation. With formats such as a symposium, a film series, exhibitions, performances and various works in public spaces, the project explores the ever-increasing internal and external pressure to keep one’s psyche, body (“Be full of energy!”) and soul (“Be creative!”) in constant optimal working order. Worshiped with virtually religious reverence, health is stylized as a social fetish, while on the other hand everything that departs from the path of – seemingly autonomous – ceaseless creativity is pathologized.

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Neues Europa und Halit Yozgat

September 26th, 2014Author: Daniel Stubenvoll

Dear People,

I am happy to have a chance to present some content this week as a guest blogger for der greif. The first post will be about two good friends and their projects.

‘New Europe (Neues Europa)’ by Christina Werner is a self-published book with 100 pages about right-winged tendencies in european politics and society. There are parts of speeches of politicians in the book, mostly crossed out. She is showing faces, gestures and mimics of public figures that are associated with right wing politics. Additionally pictures are presented of crime scenes where right wing attacks have taken place. The book is assembled together from different media (newspapers, TV, Internet and her own photos).

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